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Обучающий практический семинар  27 и 28 мая

  • 11:00 - 18:30
    2х дневный семинар по провокативной гештальт-терапии, в основе которого активная, а не только поддерживающая позиция терапевта в рамках гештальт-подхода. Для всех, кто готов рискнуть и попробовать на себе метод, освоить его принципы и начать применять в своей работе.

Illia Mstibovskyi

Gestalt consultant, coach, group leader, 

researcher in psychotherapy efficiency

I have been a Gestalt practicioner since 1997.
I conduct private consultations, 
Gestalt coaching,  
mastermind groups,
volunteer support groups,
supervision for Gestalt professionals 

Монтируемый ландшафт
Illia Mstibovskyi.jpg

I will be glad to help you in such matters:

- For HR staff

As a life coach I work with high-tech companies, combining coaching, organisational consulting and psychological counselling.

The main requests I work with are motivation of employees, career development, support of changes and innovations in the company, personal problems of employees that interfere with effective work: anxiety, depression, burnout, isolation, communication failures; rapid development of soft-skills & self-skills, including teamwork, self-confidence, responsibility, critical thinking, creativity and holistic vision.

My author's method combines the best of my unique experience and allows me to work effectively with people who have a rational worldview without diving into psychology, esotericism or mysticism. It relies not only on innovations in work and behavior, but also on rethinking familiar things in new circumstances, in a new language and with new tools for independent work. 

- For individual work

Gestalt Consulting

EUR 80 / 50 minutes


mastermind groups

30 euro / group coaching,one meeting


Gestalt coaching

EUR 100 / 50 minutes



60 euro / forGestalt specialists


Work with couples

EUR 120 / 90 minutes

Articles and publications

Standing in one place, each of us sees the horizon

in my own way.


Someone does not notice it, for some the horizon is near, while for others it is infinitely far away.

Vysotsky in his song said that in order to get beyond the horizon, it was important to pick up speed and overcome all obstacles.


And something else is also important for us: to see new opportunities, master hidden abilities and take steps in the right direction!

To some it will seem like a waste of time and effort, but for someone it will be superfluous, because everything is fine anyway.


But there are also those who feel in themselves an incompletely realized potential, as a compressed force - a spring pushing towards the new and unusual ...

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